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Alblas is a family owned logistic service provider, providing international transport and warehousing for more than 125 years. Transports are carried out in groupage, LTL and FTL. Operating countries are Benelux, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Baltics. 

Operating segments are chemicals(ADR), flowers and general cargo.

Alblas has over 300 employees working within the group. The majority of the employees are truck drivers, most of them working for more than 7 years within the company.

The variety within the company is huge, we are employing inexperienced persons as well, providing them a training programm in order to get expierenced in their job.

Scroll down for our current vacancies, for sure you will find a job that fits!

Expopark 7
15236 Jacobsdorf

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Current openings

Truck driver C+E
  • Remote job
Forklift driver
  • Emsbüren, Germany
warehouse manager
  • Emsbüren, Germany
  • Jacobsdorf, Germany
  • Jacobsdorf, Germany
Driver with CE for Truckgarage (TSO)
  • Emsbüren, Germany
Office employee in the garage (TSO)
  • Emsbüren, Germany
Truck mechanic (TSO)
  • Emsbüren, Germany
Diagnosis mechanic (TSO)
  • Emsbüren, Germany

Frequent asked questions (FAQ)

Please find your answers below

How long will take the employment process?

After you applied via our website, we will contact you for an interview by telephone. In case you are close to one of our bases, we appreciate to make a face-to-face appointment. Once the interview is done, you will receive a job offer. After this has been agreed, you can start within 1-2 weeks.

Is there a training available for new drivers?

Based on your experience, an onboard training will be provided on one of our homebases. You will learn how to work as a truck driver within our company. Drivers with limited experience will be trained on driving a truck. The training will be completed with a driving test.

Can I park my private car at your homebase?

Yes, you can park your car at our homebases. From our homebases in Rzepin, Brasov and Belgrado, we will take care of transport to the truck in case the starting point is not the homebase.

Will I work in single or double crew?

Just a limited amount of trucks is working in double crew. Most of the drivers are driving alone on the truck or working in shifts on the truck. In that case, you rest within one of our facilities.

Is an ADR license mandatory?

Yes, a valid ADR license is mandatory to work within our company. We can help you to obtain the certificate.

I will need a working permit to get employed, could you help me on this?

Yes, we will be happy to help you with the paperwork in order to obtain a working permit.

I would like to receive German allowance for my children, could you help me?

Yes, we can help you to obtain the documents.

Are you a recruitment agency?

No, we are a transport company that is hiring employees for our own truck. When employing at Alblas, you will becompe part of our team!


What kind of trucks are you driving?

We are driving Renault, MAN and DAF trucks.

In what countries are the trips?

The trips are mainly in Germany, Benelux, Poland, France, Austria, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary. However, in some cases we are driving other countries as well.

I would like to stay more than 6 weeks to work, is this possible?

In general this is possible, it has to be discussed in advance.

Our locations

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Alblas Rzepin

+48 735 045 531
+48 95 750 94 13

Alblas Jacobsdorf

+49 33 608 82 174

Alblas Emsburen

+49 33 608 82 174

Alblas 's-Gravendeel

+49 33 608 82 174

Alblas Brasov

+40 724 050 752
+49 33 608 82 314